Vilnius University

Jorūnė Sakalauskaitė, PhD

EMBO postdoctoral researcher

TITLE: Palaeoproteomics: Past, Present & Future of Ancient Protein Research

In the last decades ancient biomolecule research has revolutionized the science of archaeology and palaeontology, uncovering even the smallest details from the past. The interest keeps growing, but how much more is there to explore? And what can we learn from tiny archaeological artefacts that for so long were neglected?

In this seminar I will present a brief history of ancient biomolecule research, with a special focus on ancient protein studies, known as palaeoproteomics. Proteins preserve better than DNA and may be recovered in samples over millions of years. I will aim to show a diversity of applications that can help us to better understand our environment, human practices, prehistoric societies and… perhaps spur ideas on palaeo- inspired innovations. The key message is simple – palaeoproteomics may allow us to look far back in time, as long as we move forward.



    All Sessions by: Jorūnė Sakalauskaitė, PhD

    • 15:10-15:50 R106

      Palaeoproteomics: Past, Present & Future of Ancient Protein Research

      Jorūnė Sakalauskaitė, PhD, Vilnius University