Nature Research Centre

Rasa Bernotienė, PhD

Sr. Researcher

TITLE: What DNA Research Can Tell Us About a Single Mosquito?

A simple mosquito that annoys us on a summer evening can tell us a lot about the processes taking place in nature, if we ask the right questions and correctly apply the DNA research methods. The advent of PCR and sequencing has greatly helped in explaining the processes taking place in the ecosystem even studying only one of the components, such as the simple mosquito. Now we can discover not only mosquito species, but also where it flew from, where its ancestors came from, what the mosquito ate for lunch, how long ago it was, how the creature that was for the mosquito lunch felt, and what the mosquito had eaten before it got its last lunch, is the mosquito feeling well at the moment, maybe it can't reproduce anymore, what threat to our health this mosquito poses? We will try to answer all these questions using DNA research methods

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    • 14:30-15:10 R106

      What DNA Research Can Tell about Single Mosquito?

      Rasa Bernotienė, PhD, Nature Research Centre