Thermo Fisher Scientific

Pierre Le Ninan

Business Development Manager

TITLE: Flow Cytometry as You‘ve Never Seen it

The Invitrogen Attune CytPix Flow Cytometer integrates acoustic focusing and a high-speed brightfield camera for simultaneous high-throughput flow cytometry and detailed brightfield imaging. Automated image analysis converts event features into extended parameters, enhancing standard flow data. Flow cytometry faces challenges in standardization due to varied sample preparation, user uncertainty, biological differences, and instrument settings. Diverse user gating strategies further contribute to data variability. Reliable standardization is essential for reproducible results and valid research conclusions. Imaging-enhanced flow cytometers, like the Attune CytPix, enable real-time sample visualization, allowing users to refine gating strategies and provide clear, documented evidence for research publications. Direct visual confirmation of events reduces data ambiguity and user-dependent variations, ensuring robust, quantitative analyses at the single-cell level.



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    • 12:30-13:00 R102

      Flow Cytometry as You‘ve Never Seen it

      Pierre Le Ninan, Thermo Fisher Scientific