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Marija Navickaitė

Product Manager

TITLE: Evolution of Phusion DNA Polymerases

PCR has revolutionized modern molecular biology, but its success would not be possible without the advancements in DNA polymerases. The initial polymerase used in PCR reactions was thermolabile, requiring replenishment in every cycle, making it a slow and monotonous process. Fortunately, modern thermostable and fast polymerases now offer accurate results, optimal performance, and streamlined workflows. Gain insight into the evolution of Phusion DNA polymerase technology and learn how this enzyme was improved during the last 20 years to make it the most suitable polymerase for various high fidelity and challenging PCR applications.



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    • 12:30-13:00 R106

      Evolution of Phusion DNA Polymerases

      Marija Navickaitė, Thermo Fisher Scientific