Thermo Fisher Scientific (Sweden)

Maria Hidesand

Technical Sales Specialist

TITLE: Pipetting Best Practices

Of all the factors that contribute to the performance of a pipette, the most critical ones are the skill & expertise of the operator. Are you pipetting different liquids? Are you interested in improving reproducibility of your assays? With this Pipetting Best Practice seminar we will go through the different pipetting techniques and guide you through the recommendations of how to pipette different liquids. There are several factors that can affect the accuracy of pipetting and we will give you quick tips and tricks to achieve better accuracy and how to prevent cross contamination. If you feel pain in your thumb and wrist while pipetting, Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a lot of ergonomics tools to minimize repetitive strain injuries. If you want to learn more about pipetting, please join us at this session and visit our booth.



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    • 12:00-12:30 R102

      Pipetting Best Practices

      Maria Hidesand, Thermo Fisher Scientific (Sweden)