Thermo Fisher Scientific (Denmark)

Lars Mortensen

Technical Sales Specialist
TITLE: Sample Protection: Optimizing the Layout, Capacity, and Design of  Your Cold Storage Let’s discuss safe sample protection during cold storage, looking at how to optimize the preservation of your samples, in terms of equipment properties, sample containment, support systems, plus other key external factors. Your cold storage equipment, whether it is a laboratory refrigerator or freezer, ULT or LN2 cryogenic freezer, should be considered a safety device in place to protect what’s stored in it. Perfect sample storage is not just determined by the storage unit itself but also by a multitude of other components, external factors and processes. Let’s talk about Optimizing the layout, capacity, and design of your cold storage equipment, the role of support systems in keeping your sample safe, how maintenance, timely care, lab layout and organization contribute to sample protection and important performance criteria, such as cost of ownership, ergonomics, user safety and sustainability.

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    • 12:00-12:30 R103

      Sample Protection: Optimizing the Layout, Capacity, and Design of Your Cold Storage

      Lars Mortensen, Thermo Fisher Scientific (Denmark)