Thermo Fisher Scientific (Germany)

Andreas Koch

Sr. Product Specialist

TITLE: PCR Clean Up, Size Selection and Green Dynabeads

Do you want to do DNA/RNA/Protein and cell extraction with only one instrument? You want to have an open platform? Kit independent?  With heating and cooling? Easy to use software for all applications? To know more about PCR Clean up and size selection and green Dynabeads. If so or only some parts of it, we have the solution for it. The new KingFisher APEX DX gives all these applications with only one instrument, one software and a variety of kits for your choice. You can control each step of the extraction process by software and fine tune it to your needs. If you want to know more about so join us in the lunch session and visit our booth.



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    • 12:30-13:00 R101

      PCR Clean Up, Size Selection and Green Dynabeads

      Andreas Koch, Thermo Fisher Scientific (Germany)